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We help entrepreneurs move their business to the next phase.
M&A sell-side, M&A buy-side, Fundraising.


Put your project in the reliable hands of a team of experts.


After 15 years spent developing our expertise in a wide range of environments, from B2B SaaS start-ups to major groups and consulting firms, our team can offer you a full range of skills, from mastering the M&A sale process to structuring a fundraising operation or identifying targets for an acquisition.

We have been at ground zero on international deals of various sizes – from €1m to €800m in enterprise value – each with its own specific issues, including management retention, valuation of technological assets, company valuation and assessment of the legal aspects. From defining the strategy to completing the deal, we’re with you every step of the way.

Etienne Rémond

Managing Partner

Industry expertise


We operate in sectors where we understand the specific challenges, in particular tech, healthcare, luxury goods and mobility.

We provide our clients with a triple expertise: financial, entrepreneurial and technical.

Strategic vision


We’ll help you define a strategy, achievable objectives and a timeline for your project.



We execute every stage of the process with precision, efficiency and professionalism, dealing with all the preparatory aspects (documentation, finance, coaching, etc.), marketing (contacts, presentations, Q&A, etc.), negotiation and closing (structure, price, advisory services, etc.).

Extended network


We provide you with access to our vast network of contacts to open up the best opportunities in France, as well as in the UK and the Netherlands.



We develop high-quality relationships with our customers thanks to our extensive technical knowledge but also to strong personal values that we defend every day.

Agility, we are available, responsive and flexible.
Integrity, we are honest and transparent.
Leadership, we are in concrete action.

Our references

Flexliving : 1st flexible living-as-a-service solution

Octolis : Customer Data Platform for mid-market B2C companies

Metyos : BioWearable device tailored for the prevention and monitoring of chronic kidney disease

An agile methodology for entrepreneurs


By understanding your needs, your project and your aspirations, we will establish together the most coherent roadmap to move forward.


We lead the process and we are “doers”. Our methodology allows us to optimize the workload saving time for our customers.


We are a creative force, proactively supporting your teams to keep pace and ensure project fruition.

Yassine Hamou Tahra

CEO, Octolis

“A very friendly team with whom it is very pleasant to interact. Professional work, high quality and results.”

M&A sell-side

Tech Healthcare Luxury

We search for potential buyers. We take the responsability of all the steps between inception of the process and the closing: analysis of the company and understanding of the shareholders’ wishes, marketing of the operation, negotiation and execution. Our goal: find the best buyer for you, your teams and your business.

M&A buy-side

Tech Healthcare Luxury

We act as project managers and play the role of orchestrator, from strategic thinking, through identifying and sourcing suitable targets, to negotiating and closing deals. We work hand in hand with you and your teams to achieve your external growth objectives efficiently.


Seed Serie A Serie B

We organize your search for private funding with the most relevant players for your project, in France or internationally, from the creation of marketing documents (teaser, pitch deck…) to the closing of the operation. We support you through the intermediate stages to enable you to select the right investors.

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